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Presenting History is aware that due to Covid-19 and social distancing guidelines many in-person programs are not possible at this time. Many of our programs are available in a virtual format. We would be happy to work with you to create safe and educational programming for your organization.

Adult Programming

Sentimental Journey: Love and the Sexual Revolution During World War II

This program explores the history of young men and women experiencing love and opportunity as the country went about the business of war. World War II sparked many changes in views about sex and love, sparking a silent sexual revolution. Enjoy a lecture, view artifacts from WWII, and partake in a few educational and engaging activities. (1 hour) (Fee: $125)


Reporting Pioneers: A Woman War Correspondents Journey of World War II

Were there women correspondents working during World War II? Yes, women war correspondents served in both the European and Pacific Theaters. This courageous group of women overcame incredible odds to ensure that future generations were educated about the history of WWII. Enjoy a lecture, explore artifacts and indulge in a few educational activities. (1 hour) (Fee: $125)

On the Homefront & Overseas: American Women During World War II

This program is dedicated to the American women who dedicated their lives to the war effort during WWII, both at home and overseas. Many women worked together with the hope of helping our soldiers defeat the enemy and to bring them home safely. (1 hour) (Fee: $125)


NEW! The Doughnut Dollies: A Little Bit of Home

This program presents the history of the Salvation Army and American Red Cross Doughnut Dollies from WWI through the Vietnam War. They served American soldiers the comforts of home and helped in maintaining troop morale. Though not without it's controversies, this group of women left home to help with the war efforts through four wars, bringing a smile and a little bit of home to U.S. servicemen fighting for us overseas. Enjoy a lecture, view artifacts and more. (1 hour) (Fee: $125) 



Children's Programming

V is for Victory: Be a Hero on the Homefront! 

Both at home and at school, children had a role to play in the war effort during World War II.  In this program children will get to create their own “mini” Victory Garden and play a round of Rationing on Main Street to explore this important time in history. (1.5 hours- maximum 35 participants) (Fee: $185 - program + Victory Garden supplies)


Making Do During World War II: What's for Dinner? 

Based on the World War II issued ration stamps and points available to them, program participants will plan a meal. They will need to make do with the ingredients and supplies they have on hand. In addition to planning their meals, participants will receive a simple cooking demonstration, the preparation of a WWII Ration dessert. (1 hour, $185 - program + demonstration supplies)

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